Buy Load Online & Get Freebies

There are a lot of advantages when you buy load online instead of signing up for a monthly plan of some kind, and one of them are all of the freebies that you can get. These are basically services or items that you can get for free whenever you load up online or in whichever manner you decide. Each time you do, you can look forward to being given access to some kind of freebie that may come in all sorts of forms.

As to why you would even be interested in these freebies, the answer is simply because they can be awesome. Whenever you recharge online, there’s a chance that you can get enough points to access certain services for a set amount of time even though they would normally cost money. You can make use of streaming services for a few months, for example, if you use prepaid recharge services often enough.

Awesome Freebies

There are some great freebies that are available to you if you would only make use of them when you top up. These freebies can take many forms but they are often overlooked simply because most people either have no idea that they exist or think of them as simple spam whenever a message about the free items are sent to their devices.

Of course, it’s not technically necessary to be aware of such services to begin with since they won’t really take away from what you get when you do something like buy smart load online. However, would you really want to miss out on being able to access streaming services for free? You could actually watch YouTube video at no charge if you get the right freebie and this is something that you already do on a regular basis anyway.

Earning Freebies

Earning the freebies that you can then use is just a simple matter of paying for recharge services whether it’s done online or through some other method that you have available. From there, you will simply be informed that you have qualified for a certain service or item that you can then get without having to pay for it. It really is just that simple and you can even control what you are going to get.


There are services like movie streaming platforms that you can gain access to for free if you top up online often enough. It’s a great reward to receive if you have been ritualistically paying to keep sending out text messages or connecting to the internet. What’s more, it adds a neat little bonus to your efforts when you find that all of the money you spent also comes with some additional treats for you.


There are also products that you can get when you use recharge services online. Among them are skins for your favourite mobile games and even some points that you can then convert into currency. How awesome would it be for you to roll around your favourite game in skins that you earned?


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